Thursday, February 23, 2012

Monterosso is open for business!

Piano, piano (slowly slowly) Monterosso is gradually getting back on its feet and ready for the 2012 tourist season. The canals under the main roads of the village have been meticulously cleaned and now the roads are being rebuilt above them.
A lot of thought was put into how to cover the roads. The priority is to have the water channels that run underneath the main roads available at all times for inspection and cleaning. Leaving the channels open, as they were decades ago, would be very attractive but extremely impractical. Therefore, a project was drawn up that would allow for the roads to be almost completely covered with cement, and in some places wood (almost like a boardwalk),  but with removable metal grids at regular intervals. In this way, the channels can be kept clean and free of debris, letting the water flow without obstacles to the sea.
Here on Rebuild Monterosso, we have set up a new page called VISITORS INFORMATION. We will be updating it with the latest information regarding the openings of businesses in Monterosso AND the state of the trails in the Cinque Terre. Check back regularly to see how the town is progressing. The site Save Vernazza also has set up a Travel Advisor for their businesses. You can see how Vernazza is progressing by clicking HERE.

Also, the Wall for Monterosso just got much easier to donate to. The official site of the town hall, with which we are collaborating, has now set up an automated system for choosing the size of your stone, adding a message and paying with a credit card or Paypal account through Paypal. Please donate, and tell your friends about this special initiative. You can get more information HERE and do directly to the wall order page HERE. Thanks!

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