Monday, December 5, 2011

Constant Progress in Monterosso

Monterosso - 1 December 2011

This might not look like progress- but it is.
Morale is high, the townspeople are still working daily and everyone is convinced that the village will be back on its feet and ready for business by Easter 2012.
Some shops are busily repainting their walls and cleaning off what they were able to salvage and are planning to open up for Christmas sales. Already a bar, the hairdresser and the florist are operating.

The channels that run under the roads are almost completely clean. Now the process of covering them again will start.

The post office has been gutted. You can see the line where the mud arrived. 

This is a cantina (like a garage) located in upper Via Roma near the post office. Again, that is not decorative painting, that's the level to where the mud was 6 weeks ago.

Most of the volunteer crews and emergency workers have been out of the village for a few weeks now. Our local guys have been working hard to finish up under the roads.

Stefano pokes his head out.

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